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GRECO 8 to 1 Card Game GrecGames Collection
“Greco 8 to 1 Card Game” Greco 8to1 is a 15 Round Card Game of Fun and Craziness! There are 15 rounds in this card game. 1st round start with 8 cards. 2nd round start with 7 cards. 3rd round 6 cards and so on... When you get down to 1 card dealt then your rounds start to go up from 2 card to again! After the second round of 8 the game ends and the person with the lowest score win the game. There are 108 cards in Greco 8to1. You will need a pad and pencil to play. 2 to 10 player. Remember - Lowest Score Wins! NOTE: You will be buying direct from my manufacturer so the game will be a little pricy but you will be getting a new game fresh off the press. Enjoy. BibleBook-Opoly Flea Market Search Till The Cows Cow Home Swap Meet Board Game The Collector Game Bible Artifact Collector Game Bible Book Connect 5 Christmas Connect Cross & Spirit Board Game Greco 8 to 1 Card Game Contact GrecGames About GrecGames